8 Inches Android tablet PC the Best Choice

7 inches screen may be a little small for you, but 9 or 10 inches will be a little easy for you to take along, then the best choice for you is the right size, 8 inches anddroid tablet pc. You Cheap Brand Android Tablets may notice that Tablet PC is fundamentally a kind of individual computer or laptop with the distinction that they make use of feel computer display interface or graphics tablet hybrid other than commanding the PC with a mouse or any other input device. Initially, when the wholesale Tablet PCs werepresented, their cost was high, but with increasing affray and demand,quality tablet pc are now accessible in the market with cost of $500 or even less than that.

If you choose to buy your 8 Inches Android tablet PC online.(Android 2.2 Tablet PC 8 Inch Touch Screen Freescale Cheap Brand Android Tablets IMX515 Cortex A8 800Mhz 512MB 4GB WIFI 3G HDMI 1080P G-sonser)Specification of this 8 Inches Android tablet PC: CPU: Freescale Cortex-A8 IMX515 1GhzOperating System: Google Android 2.2 (support flash)Memory: 512MB RAMDisplay: 8 inch 4:3 wide-screen 800 *600 high-brightness TFT LCDTouch control: full-size touch operation, sliding menus, icons and dragStorage: Built-in 4GBG-sensor: automatically rotating the display screen,3 WaysWireless: Support WIFI 802.11 b/g, External 3GAudio: Supports stereo speaker unit, built-in microphoneSD card: Support up to maximal 32GB TF card Desktop: Android Brand Tablet PC automatically change the desktop wallpaper (like win 7), update frequency can be set to 1 hour -6 daysLanguage: English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Deutsch etc.Web browsing: Google chome-lite Browser UCWEB BrowserE-mail: Mainstream web mail service gmail / yahoo mail / hotmail etc.Communication Software: Video Flash online, YOUTUBE,FACEBOOK,IREAD google market,Touch Games: Guerrilla (iguerilla) similar to the CS, Assassins Creed (Assasin`s creed)video format : AVI,RM,RMVB,MKV,WMV MOV,MP4,PMP,MPEG,,FLV,3GPHDMI:

Support 1080PWeather: Desktop Gadgets, support custom size (large, medium optional), support the replacement of the skinBattery: 4000mAh INPUT 3.7V batteryScratch Paper: Desktop Gadgets, analog clock, support skin changeWeather: Desktop Gadgets, support custom size (large, medium optional), support the replacement of the skinColor: The front is black; the back is in white or silverExplorer: Android task killer / AndexploretWeight 0.8KGAccessories:1 * USB Cable1 * AC Adapter1 * earphone1 year warrantyMoreover, you can view more cute discount.

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Google's tablet pc future

Apple and Google insist on the time of its iPhone and iPad, the latest Google acquisition may bring the following changes:

First of all, Google stressed that Motorola is still open Cheap Brand Android Tablets Andrews business, but Google said it will put Motorola as a separate business to operate.

Google has stressed that its "open" business philosophy, one month, former chairman Eric Schmidt said, how open model for other vendors such as Samsung,
Cheap Brand Android Tablets Sony Ericsson and LG to grow, so that more than 300 kinds of smart phone market and every day there are about 500,000 devices were activated. Schmidt said that everyone honest competition: "We have an Android device from a competition between the various benefit, it drives prices and rise in the field of Android Tablet PC six months ago to appear, there is a large enough market, the winner will not be only one "

Wholesale Best Brand Android Tablets And Google's "open" the opposite pattern, although Android is the stellar success, Apple has a "closed" as its concept of operations - from the operating system to the hardware - as much as possible closed.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs in the past rap rivals such as
Cheap Brand Android Tablets Samsung and Samsung's Galaxy Tab equipment that they will be difficult to control the final product quality. "Unlike the Windows system that most computers have the same interface and applications, Andrews is very messy." Jobs said, "including the largest, including HTC and Motorola Android device manufacturers have to use proprietary interfaces and interface, which allows the user to figure out how to use their points, while the iPhone's interface with the same. "


Amazon plate will soon be listed as the biggest selling point puerile

More and more difficult to see the advent of flat panel era has quietly come, as Microsoft's biggest rival Amazon, but also by foreign media said Friday Cheap Brand Android Tablets just before Thanksgiving will be launched in the Amazon Kindle version of the Tablet PC. This will undoubtedly become a "flat dark horse" reached the people's attention and become the most powerful competitor iPad. According to relevant sources, the latest generation of Kindle e-book reader functions will be further improved, such as interface performance improvements, can be used as a Tablet PC, equipped with full-color touch screen. Music, books and video fully integrated to the Kindle device, to avoid repeating the RIM, HP and other companies in the past. Price, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on the Kindle tablet pricing may be close to production costs, we can imagine the price of Kindle version of the Tablet PC will be far lower than the iPad, had to go the Amazon is a puerile line, to avoid direct conflict with Apple.

Wholesale Best Brand Android Tablets Numerous domestic and foreign experts have predicted earlier,
Cheap Brand Android Tablets the Amazon Kindle version of the Tablet PC is expected to become the first threat to the opponents of the iPad, with all media and e-commerce platform. Of course, the face of Apple's powerful back-office software, you want to defeat the iPad's market position is not half past one would be able to do. According to a foreign market research analyst  Epps predicted, Amazon Tablet PC sales in the fourth quarter will easily reach 300 million to 500 million units. She released a report last month estimated the price of the Amazon platform in the $ 299 computer.

The most important system issue has become a focus of attention,
Cheap Brand Android Tablets it is learned, Amazon Tablet PC may be equipped with Google's Android operating system, Android application store system now supports the Amazon. Senna, a report in July said, Amazon this year in the Tablet PC market will account for 5% share in the Android Tablet PC market account for about 16% share. Even Amazon, the Tablet PC market share has grown rapidly, but still pale into insignificance when compared with Apple. So, as to how the performance of this flat in the end, let us wait and see!


South Korea, the world's fastest Internet download speeds ranked only No. 26 United States

According to Singapore, "Lianhe Zaobao," reported that the U.S. survey, South Korea, the world's biggest internet download speed first, cheap brand android tablets followed by post is in Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Latvia and other Eastern European countries. In this analysis of the global Internet connection speed survey, the United States ranked only 26th.

According to the U.S. network data transmission
cheap brand android tablets company Pando Networks on Tuesday (20) released the report, South Korea's current average Internet download speed per second 2202KB, is the world's fastest Internet download speeds. Followed by Romania (second 1909KB), Bulgaria (second 1611KB), Lithuania (second 1462KB), Latvia (second 1377KB) and Japan (second 1364KB).

Wholesale Best Brand Android Tablets U.S. Internet group per second speed only 606KB, only the global average per second (580KB) is slightly higher. Other powers of the Internet download speed is slower, the United Kingdom per second download speed only 599KB, France and Canada, respectively, per second download speed of 604KB and 579KB.

Global average Internet download speed of the slowest
cheap brand android tablets of the Republic of Congo in Africa, only per 13KB. Central African Republic (second 14KB) and Comoros (per 23KB) were ranked second last and third.


Google new Android released at the end has started to provide technical assistance

According to foreign media reports, Google is starting Monday against the developers who code-named "ice cream sandwich" (Ice Cream Sandwich) cheap brand android tablets of the new Android system to provide technical assistance, the new Google Android system by year-end release.

Google executives Scott Mann (Scott Main) in a blog article said: "The new Android system released soon, the new system by the user, installed on the phone based on cellular (Honeycomb) system to create applications. "

Mann said that although Google has not released the
cheap brand android tablets system for the new Android software development kit, but application developers can already take steps to ensure that for the cellular system to create applications that can run on the small screen.

Google did not disclose further details about the new system. Google wholesale best brand android tablets said only that the new system will bring cellular function of the system back into the mobile devices. Mann also said that Google has no plans for the new system and then separate the Tablet PC and mobile phone release.

Mann pointed out that, despite the cellular system
cheap brand android tablets is still only for Tablet PCs, but the upcoming launch of the new Android system will support the big screen, small screen, and in between the screen. Mann said this is Android will be maintained after the policy: to run in a variety of sizes on the same screen version of the system.


When the case of super-compact and portable performance

Acer A100 in this area is arguably the most cost-star product. It is not only on a 7-inch portable biggest change for consumers, better its equipped with the latest cheap brand android tablets operating system, to bring users the most robust performance.

Acer A100 uses a 7-inch screen, with only 410g of body weight, with the latest operating system, Android 3.2, using a powerful NVidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor, 1GB memory, 16GB storage space (via external Micro SD card for additional expansion up to 32GB).

Screen resolution also reached 1024 x 600,
cheap brand android tablets Bluetooth and Wifi functionality, but also by additional external Micro SD card expansion up to 32GB of memory. Acer A100 is also equipped with front and rear 2-megapixel 5-megapixel camera.

In addition, Acer A100 Acer Acer also continued the wholesale best brand android tablets A500's first Tablet PC's advantages in scalability, configuration, micro USB port and micro HDMI interface, to achieve Acer A100 directly connected with the PC, great user-friendly operation.

Edit Comment: Acer A100 Acer continued its
cheap brand android tablets consistent style, the pursuit of high-profile, high performance and overall functional performance, which became his to win consumer recognition of the important reasons.


The New York Times said the new release within a few weeks iPhone5 exposure protective shell

September 16 News, The New York Times Nick Bilton said a staff member said, cheap brand android tablets according to Apple, the Apple iPhone 5 release of the time only a few weeks time. Followed by inference, Apple will release in October the news is almost certain.

It is understood, Bilton dare say so,
cheap brand android tablets because he has worked with an Apple employee has been in contact, to which employees understand the relevant information. But Bilton wholesale best brand android tablets did not say the name of Apple to the public employee's name, because he repeatedly Bilton told that the company strictly confidential.

Recently, news that leading U.S. manufacturer of large
cheap brand android tablets protective shell Case-Mate iPhone 5 began producing a protective shell. The protective shell to show the iPhone 5 after shell was curved, and the mute button has been moved to the other side. Bilton claims that "according to Apple employees who disclose information to me, this protective cover in line with the iPhone 5 degrees should be pretty close."